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You’ll often hear words like “empowerment”, “girl power”, and “feminism” when someone who identifies as a feminist voices out on current issues that seem to sexualize and belittle women. Today when digital media plays a big role in many of our daily lives, these feminist are making sure to utilize the power of the web to come up with various campaigns and programmes celebrating and empowering women easily.

Women in Theatre

It’s been known that many female performing artists have been finding it extremely hard to secure stable gigs. Even in the theatre world, on stage and off, women are often seriously underrepresented among playwrights, producers, and artistic directors. Notably, classical theatre (ie. Shakespearean plays and sonnets) are well known for casting an all-male or male-dominated cast. I’ve read (and watched) a fair amount of reviews and plays throughout the years and discovered that many directors don’t consider switching up gender roles, resulting in female artists (who, mind you, makes up half of the thespian population) not given an equal chance to audition for roles even if they were equally as skilled in their own respect.

“There is an imbalance at the moment in subsidised theatres. There are more parts for men than for women, but women make up 50% of the population and 50% of our membership,” said Lynda Rooke, chair of the women’s committee at Equity.

Online Marketing

With the advancement of Web 2.0, online marketing has become crucial when communicating between with netizens globally as the latest news can now be obtained easily and instantaneously with just a click or swipe on your smartphone screen. Many arts related organizations have taken into account the impact of social media on the public and has set up websites of their own for the accessibility of the visitors all around the world. Female run theatre companies and student theatre are also starting to re-produce classical plays and switch it up with an all-female cast, giving equal opportunities to female artists and budding artists.

It’s interesting to see where this will take female thespians in the future within the arts and culture sector, and how the impact of online marketing will make in support of gender equality in the performing arts sector as we see that females are indeed making a path for themselves. I’m excited.

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