My Interests

Food Photography

Amateur food photography is one of the many things that Eunice takes interest in. She enjoys exploring new cafes and restaurants during her free time when she’s not busy writing assignment papers and rushing from one rehearsal to another. Over the years, she has managed to compile a pretty impressive food diary and below are some “Instagram-worthy” shots that she’s taken.

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Image gallery sources: Eunice Chuang©



When she’s saved up sufficient time and money, Eunice also loves travelling around the world. Thankful to have been brought up in a family that strongly encourages travelling and exploring different cultures, Eunice has been wanderlusting since the age of one and has visited more than 10 countries in Asia. She has also been to London, Paris, and several parts of Italy. She plans to take some time off after graduating next year to cover the rest of Europe and has even figured out her travel hashtag (#EuroEunicorn2018) for when that happens !


Too excited & a little starstruck to be finally visiting the Colosseum to notice that my mom had photobombed a perfect picture. (Image source: Eunice Chuang©)